How to Use our Hand Converter

If you’re having issues or aren’t sure how to grab a hand history, this short guide should answer your questions. If after reading it you’re still confused or running into problems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our hand history converter tool should work fine across all browsers and operating systems, but has been most heavily tested on Chrome and Firefox on Windows.


Step 1: Find Your Hand History

Almost all online poker rooms provide hand history files which document every hand you play on their site. Using PokerStars as an example, after a hand is finished, you can click Table – Instant Hand History. This will bring up all of the hands you played on the table. Most online poker rooms offer instant hand histories and give you access to all hands right after they happen.

Step 2: Copy the Hand

While playing, if you have a tough hand you would like to discuss, open the instant hand history viewer and copy the hand. You can copy multiple hands and wait to convert them after your session, or grab one hand for our converter tool.

On PokerStars, you can select all of the hand in question, right click, and select Copy. This will copy the full hand history to your clipboard.

Step 3: Paste the Hand History into our Tool

Next, at, right click in the Hand History field and select Paste. This will paste the hand you just selected into our tool.

Now you should select the correct Forum Format where you want to post the hand, and decide if you want to include results. When this is done, press Convert Hand.


Step 4: Select the Converted Output

After the tool loads, the converted hand will appear in the Output box. Click the Select Output button, then right click and select Copy. This will copy the forum or blog friendly converted hand, which you can now use to post.

Step 5: Paste the Output at Your Blog or Forums

Start a new thread at your favorite poker forum, or reply to one by using CTRL+V to right clicking and select Paste to post the hand you converted. Make sure to select the correct forum format as some poker forums use different code!

Step 6: Profit!

Posting hands and discussing optimal plays is one of the best ways to become a better player. This will lead to increased profits, which is what poker is all about!


Note: Save Hand Histories!

The Instant Hand History options are very convenient, but you should also choose to save all hand histories on your computer. Most online poker sites will have an option that if off by default, but can be turned on easily enough. You can then go through and review hands later, or import them into powerful tools such as Poker Tracker or Hold’em Manager.

To do this in PokerStars, click on Settings, then Playing History, and Hand History. Check to “Save My Hand History”, choose where to save them, then update “Keep Hand Histories for” to 9999. If you keep this at 30 days or something it will delete the hands after 30 days – you want them forever! Now all of your playing history will be saved on your computer and you can access it at any time!

Hopefully that spells out exactly how to use HHC to make your poker hands more readable. Try our hand converter tool now! Remember, the tool is completely free to use!